Synopsis & Alternate Epilogue

  A moving and timely novel about human trafficking—from the author of the acclaimed debut Lipstick in Afghanistan.

Boston nurse Abby Monroe and New York Times reporter Nick Sinclair find themselves entrenched in the middle of a human trafficking ring overseas. When Abby realizes she may have witnessed the murder of a Pakistani woman by a high-ranking official, she and Nick must break the story before she becomes the next casualty.
     A highly emotional and powerful story, The Bracelet expertly navigates readers through the rich and complex Middle Eastern cultural landscape and is an absorbing and satisfying read.

Alternate Epilogue

In a luxurious private clinic in Kuwait, a badly burned man sat quietly as a young nurse approached, ready to clean and dress the blistering, blackened wounds that covered his face and body.  The nurse brought with her a European newspaper, and she handed it to her patient to take his mind off the pain of the dressing change.  His hands trembled as he held it, and he carefully smoothed out the front page.  He wanted no creases to disturb his reading.  His uninjured eye scanned the paper before coming to rest on the glaring headline – UN Donor Exposed as Criminal Dies in Air Explosion.

His good eye twitched furiously as he pulled the paper closer, and he blinked and squinted to clear the cloudy film from his line of sight.  He held the paper up to the light, and carefully read the front page story.  Abby Monroe, he read, was back in the U.S., in New York City.  A half smile crept across his scarred face as he set the paper gently on his lap.

New York, he thought, his growing smile disrupting the sores and blisters on his face, was not so far away.