I originally wrote this piece for Sandy Nathan’s site – “Your Shelf Life” where it was posted on May 17, 2011.  I think inspiration is the stuff of our dreams and so I’m sharing it here.

September 11th

September 11, a day when a nation’s collective heart stopped beating, a day when heroism and terrorism collided in New York and Washington and a lush green field in Pennsylvania.  A day that dawned with clear blue skies, a day that held promise for a time…

Summer Reading Suggestions

What is summer without great books?  To readers everywhere, I offer following can’t miss, can’t put down books.


I saw an older woman on the train last week.  Across the crowded aisle, I glimpsed her as she sat demurely, her eyes partially closed, her gray hair tucked into a bun, a briefcase on her lap.  A powerful woman, a woman of substance I thought, a professor enroute to her first class or an attorney heading into court.  Despite her aura of invincibility, stray wisps of gray hair peeked out from her bun and around her face making her softer, maternal almost.

For Nurse Week

In honor of Nurse Week, I am replaying my Nurses blog.   I am privileged to be speaking this week and next at several Nurse Week events. 

Social media…

Alright, so instead of stepping up and blogging, tweeting and posting on Facebook, I’ve – well, I’ve failed. 


Twitter, Facebook and More…

I have long been one of those writers who dance on the periphery of Twitter and Facebook and blogs.  I admit I’ve failed miserably at all three, and my excuse has always been – ‘well who really pays attention to all that social networking anyway, and does everybody really need to be connected 24/7?’  It seemed, at least to me, that the sites were often filled with self-absorbed people with too much time on their hands.  And really, who has five thousand friends?   

But, this week with the jaw dropping success of the Egyptian revolution – cultivated and then nurtured on those very same sites – my pique has been replaced with envy that others are not only able to navigate those sites effortlessly, but have managed to use them to change the world.    I’m not even sure I would have believed that the internet had fostered that revolution if I hadn’t seen it play out live on television.  Imagine – changing the world through social networking. 

For skeptics like me, once certain that Twitter and Facebook and blogs were likely going to be short-lived fads, (yes, it probably does mean that I would have said the same about television) that realization has hit hard.  I’ve experienced my own kind of inner revolution, and while I don’t expect to change the world with my blogs or tweets, or status changes on Facebook, I do expect to make more of an effort, to reach out and touch and perhaps become “friends” with more people than I could ever meet in my day-to-day life. 

Suddenly, I want to be a part of this revolution, not just a slack-jawed bystander. So, if you’re already on Twitter and Facebook, I hope you’ll “friend” me, and maybe even help me to navigate these mysterious waters. 

I am finally ready, willing and able!  (Of course, it remains to be seen how long that will last!)

The Power Of Lipstick

I’m not sure why it took me so long to write about my love of lipstick.  Perhaps it’s because it seems to carry a trace of smug vanity, a hint of self absorbed conceit.  But the truth is that lipstick – at least for me – is utterly captivating.  What other product can do what lipstick does?   That tiny little tube of color is to the face what shoes are to the body – a can’t miss, feel-good purchase that will raise your spirits even if you’ve gained five pounds or lost a boyfriend.  A new lipstick will boost your self-esteem and perk up your smile.  Lipstick is the great equalizer for so many women – young and old, rich and poor, and around the globe – it is the final touch before we head out the door, the frosting, sometimes quite literally, on who we are.   




Thanksgiving – the purest of holidays, and my personal favorite for it is a day devoted to food, family, friends and gratitude.  It is a day too that reminds me of just how much I have in life – my family and friends, my health, my job, the release of my first book.  I am lucky beyond words, and reflecting that, my list of thanks is endless.