I’ve written about inspiration before, about finding it everywhere, often in the last place you’d expect and that was especially true for me last Friday evening.  As I drove home from work, my radio on full blast, the air conditioning humming away, I sat mired in heavy highway traffic but happily preoccupied with the noise of my own thoughts, and the clatter of sounds in my own car. I was deaf to the world beyond my small space until the stream of slowly moving traffic suddenly stopped, and my attention was abruptly forced to the road ahead.  I could see that just 4 cars ahead of me, the cars had inexplicably come to a complete standstill.  I craned my neck to see but the road just beyond the now stalled traffic seemed free and clear, no accidents visible, no debris, no wailing sirens, nothing to explain our sudden halt.  I moaned to myself at the unexpected delay.  All 4 lanes, filled with rush-hour traffic, were at a dead-stop, and all of us peered intently through the glare of our sun-streaked windshields trying to unravel the mystery.  Finally, the cars ahead of me edged slowly to the barriers at the side of the road and moved beyond whatever had stopped us.  As my turn came, and I moved ahead, I spied a car sitting sideways and straddling 2 lanes, and a banged-up motorcycle lying in the road.  I glanced about quickly.  Had this accident been here for a while, I wondered.  And then I saw him, a man lying in the road.  With a growing realization that there had just been a terrible accident, I guided my car in front of the motorcycle and jumped out to help.  I’m a nurse, an ED nurse at that, and it seemed the only possible response.  Only 1 man, another motorcyclist was there.  I quickly ascertained that the injured man was not only stable but ready to get up and leave.  My only job would be to convince the young victim to stay and wait for assistance.  His friend had already called 911, but with the now hopelessly snarled traffic, there would most certainly be a delay in the arrival of help.  It wasn’t long before an off-duty policeman stopped and set up a perimeter and began to direct traffic, and when the ambulance finally arrived, I was no longer needed, and I left for home, the events of the last half hour ringing in my mind.

Celebrate Nurses


It’s been four months since I last blogged and while I write a new one, I thought I’d re-do this one from last year.

Super-Bowl or Super-Hype?

Tomorrow is the big day, and if you believe the hype, it’s not just a football game – it’s an epic match that just may change the state of the world.  Okay, so that’s a bit of hyperbole (I’ve been dying to use that word!) but if you’ve seen the commercials, the half-time show previews, the endless interviews, and the locker-room stories, it does seem to have taken on a life of its own.  It’s become a holiday, at least here in Boston and likely New York, where our sports rivalry is the stuff of legends.  The 2012 Super-Bowl is not just a sporting event – it’s somehow insinuated itself into our culture, our traditions, our lives.  Supermarkets are mobbed and it’s not milk and bread being snatched up, it’s chicken wings (a jaw dropping 100 million pounds of wings will be consumed!) and nachos and beer, all required accompaniments to the game.  THE GAME has led every news hour for weeks, and no detail, no matter how insignificant, has been left untouched which has inevitably led to the dreaded TMI and the leaked (pardon the pun) features of Tom Brady’s electric toilet. 

The Power Of Words

Choose your words wisely, my mom used to say.  And while I’ve always tried to follow that advice in my everyday life, as a writer, I live by it.  I can (and often do) spend hours on one word or phrase.  Are my character’s eyes a vivid blue or do they sparkle with an electric hue?  Are they an emerald green or the shimmering green of a summer’s first jewel beetle?  And her hair, is it the color of sun bleached wheat or a deep chestnut streaked with the first hint of gray?

Merry Christmas!

Christmas – the most magical time of year, a time of sweet dreams and still sweeter wishes, and this year, I have a few wishes of my own…

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving – the purest of holidays, and my personal favorite for it is a day devoted to food, family, friends and gratitude.  It is a day too that reminds me of just how much I have in life – my family and friends, my health, my job, the release of my first book last year, and the upcoming release (Fall, 2012) of my second novel, “The Bracelet.”   I am lucky beyond words, and reflecting that, my list of thanks is endless.


I originally wrote this piece for Sandy Nathan’s site – “Your Shelf Life” where it was posted on May 17, 2011.  I think inspiration is the stuff of our dreams and so I’m sharing it here.

September 11th

September 11, a day when a nation’s collective heart stopped beating, a day when heroism and terrorism collided in New York and Washington and a lush green field in Pennsylvania.  A day that dawned with clear blue skies, a day that held promise for a time…

Summer Reading Suggestions

What is summer without great books?  To readers everywhere, I offer following can’t miss, can’t put down books.


I saw an older woman on the train last week.  Across the crowded aisle, I glimpsed her as she sat demurely, her eyes partially closed, her gray hair tucked into a bun, a briefcase on her lap.  A powerful woman, a woman of substance I thought, a professor enroute to her first class or an attorney heading into court.  Despite her aura of invincibility, stray wisps of gray hair peeked out from her bun and around her face making her softer, maternal almost.