Her Mother’s Cry

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Published by: Bookouture
Release Date: November 1, 2021
Pages: 250


The girl falls in slow motion. For a moment she looks as though she is flying, her thick brown hair streaming behind her. But then she hits the ground, and her body lies broken and still…

When a young woman jumps from a tall parking garage, the Boston police department first rule her death as a suicide-a tragic end to a life. But when Jessie Novak examines the scene, she isn't so sure… The girl's delicate hands have been bruised and her fingernails torn: evidence of a struggle. Did someone push her from the roof?

When a second young woman is found dead at the foot of her dorm building, her hands mutilated in the same way as the first victim's, she realises this case will need her complete focus. Family must come second when a twisted killer is on the loose.

Just as Jessie thinks she is closing in on the culprit, her worst fears are realized: another girl is found dead. The gap between murders is closing: the killer is getting more confident. He will never stop until he is caught.

But little does Jessie know that while she works to pick up the trail of her suspect, he is already on hers. She is the only one who can stop this monster before he kills again-but to save the next innocent life, is she prepared to risk her own?

A thrilling and totally gripping crime thriller that will grab you from the start and not let you go until the final, heart-stopping page. Utterly addictive reading for fans of Lisa Regan, Robert Dugoni and Melinda Leigh.

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