A serial killer is on the loose. To save the next innocent life, is Jessie Novak prepared to risk her own?

About Her Mother's Cry

A Jessie Novak Mystery

The girl falls in slow motion. For a moment she looks as though she is flying, her thick brown hair streaming behind her. But then she hits the ground, and her body lies broken and still…

When a young woman jumps from a tall parking garage, the Boston police department first rule her death as a suicide-a tragic end to a life. But when Jessie Novak examines the scene, she isn't so sure… The girl's delicate hands have been bruised and her fingernails torn: evidence of a struggle. Did someone push her from the roof?

About Roberta

A nurse, humanitarian aid worker, and writer, Roberta Gately has served in war zones around the world. She has written on the subject of refugees for the Journal of Emergency Nursing and the BBC World News Online.


“Roberta Gately’s book Footprints in the Dust is a powerful and deeply affecting memoir that chronicles her journey as a nurse in war-torn areas like Sudan and Afghanistan. With rich, visual detail Gately brings to life the struggles of refugees and their journey for a better life. Gately is...a gifted story-teller. Footprints in the Dust is an important and eye-opening read.”

—Alyson Richman, internationally bestselling author of The Lost Wife

“Engaging characters…an informative glimpse into the lives of women in challenging times.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal, on Lipstick in Afghanistan

“… in this fascinating, heart-wrenching novel… readers will
be enthralled…”

Las Vegas Review-Journal, on Lipstick in Afghanistan

“Gately tells a great story, so we taste the dust and instant coffee, smell the latrines, and miss the wine and pizza right along with her. And even at the worst of times, we’re reminded of both beauty and humanity; our narrator’s positive warmth and belief in basic goodness always shine through.”

—Carol Cronin, author of Ferry to Cooperation Island


“Roberta Gately writes well and from the heart. She has given us a story of compassion, tenderness, and toughness in places that seem far, far away, but where mercy and kindness are timeless.”

—Evan Thomas, author of Ike’s Bluff and Being Nixon



“Absorbing debut…
In this utterly engrossing read, Gately vividly evokes
the beauty and tragedy of Afghanistan.”

Booklist on Lipstick in Afghanistan



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Christmas Wishes Christmas – the most magical time of year, a time of sweet dreams and still sweeter wishes for most of us, but for so many here and around the world, Christmas may never come at all. It will be another day to get through and nothing more. For refugees, among the hardiest yet…