Welcome to my blog

A blog? I have to write a blog? A blog?  

I had to join Twitter (just the name makes me break out in hives) and Facebook (to quote George Clooney –  “…I’d rather have a prostate exam by a doctor with ice cold hands than join Facebook…” – alright, so not a prostate exam but I think you can sense my reluctance) and now I have to write a blog??  What’s next?  Ahh well, first things first so – look up blog.  A web log is a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies. Hold on here – I have to write about myself. I can’t imagine that anyone wants to read about me.  To quote Charlie Brown – “good grief!” It will be dull beyond belief.  Unless – that’s it – I’ll write it in the grand style of James Thurber’s Walter Mitty.  I’m a novelist right?  I’ll make stuff up.  That’s the ticket… 

On the other hand, the ticket may just be real life.   I am, after all, one of the more than 2.6 million nurses in this country, and in these tough economic times, the nursing profession has been hit as hard as everyone else by cuts.  We struggle each day to provide the best possible care to our patients, and at Boston Medical Center, I believe that we succeed.   I am also a humanitarian aid worker with a real passion for refugee issues, and these days, there are plenty of those.  And I’m as frustrated by things like lines in the grocery store, rush-hour traffic (though these days, I count my blessings that I have a job that keeps me stuck in traffic) and…well, life.  I guess there is plenty to write about, and even if I do live a rather ordinary life, so don’t most of us.  

And in fact, we are all more alike than we know so I’ll try my best not to bore you.  I’ll try to write about topical items that we all think about and every now and then, I hope I make you laugh so hard, your sides ache and sometimes, I hope I make you cry so hard, your heart aches.  If I can do both, then I’ll have finally figured out this blogging…  In the meantime, please email me with your thoughts, ideas and comments.  All are welcome!