Summer Reading Suggestions

What is summer without great books?  To readers everywhere, I offer following can’t miss, can’t put down books.

 Mystery – “The Killing Song” by PJ Parrish is a taut mystery about Matt Owens, a self-absorbed Miami journalist whose solitary lifestyle is interrupted by a visit from his beloved younger sister.  When she disappears literally before his eyes, he scrambles, desperate to find her, but his worst fears are realized when her body is found.  A single clue – a macabre song downloaded onto her iPod leads Matt on a search that will take him from the beaches of Miami to the streets of Paris, London and Scotland.  A complex, sophisticated mystery, it is enormously well written with lines and phrases that will keep coming back to you.  This is a guaranteed can’t put down book that absorbed me as much as “The Girl With Dragon Tattoo”.  

Memoir – Nowhere Near Normal – A Memoir of OCD” by Traci Foust is a riveting memoir of one woman’s journey through OCD, a baffling disorder until you read Traci’s heartbreaking, funny, and frank account of her journey through OCD.  She recounts alphabetizing her hair care products and her abnormal obsession with hygiene.  This is a brilliant glimpse into the mystifying  secrets that haunt so many.  Another can’t put down, and ultimately uplifting read.

General Fiction – “Left Neglected” by Lisa Genova is the compelling story of Sarah Nickerson, a thirty something overachiever – businesswoman, mother, wife, a woman who can’t say no to anything and seems to do everything with ease.  She has the perfect if overworked life until the day a car accident takes it all away leaving her with a brain injury that causes her to neglect her left side.  Suddenly, her life is not about her next meeting or next deadline, it’s about finding the glass of water to her left.  A fabulous, engrossing book by the author of one of my favorite books – “Still Alice,”  which by the way if you haven’t read, is a can’t miss book chronicling one woman’s journey into the darkness of Alzheimer’s disease.   

Happy reading!